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Check out the 4th episode of Talented, our monthly recruiting podcast, about recruiting firms.

Talented’s fourth episode focuses on partnering with recruiting firms, also called agencies by some recruiters. Emily Hart, Employer Brand Consultant, spoke with Ines Kasper, Senior Tech & Executive Recruiter, and Andrew Stoe, our interim Director of Talent Acquisition, who shared their experiences with these partnerships.

First, Ines shares the unique value recruiting firms can bring to a hiring process and at what stage in a hiring process she turns to a firm for support. Then she discusses how to build a strong relationship with a firm as an external partner, the knowledge she shares with them, and how to set expectations to get the best results. Finally, she and Andrew discuss how to treat candidates who are brought into the process by an external source and their advice for prospects approached by an agency recruiter or a recruiting firm consultant.

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