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Was Stonehenge truly constructed by aliens? Is a monster lurking beneath the waters of Scotland’s Loch Ness? Was Depend Dracula an actual individual? The reality is on the market…see for those who can uncover it for your self once you go to these notoriously mysterious locations.

Ebook your timed admission ticket for Stonehenge, one of many world’s most well-known prehistoric monuments.

Merlin, aliens…who actually constructed Stonehenge?

In a subject in Salisbury is a mysterious stone circle that has baffled historians and archaeologists for hundreds of years. Who constructed Stonehenge 4,000 years in the past? Is it actually doable that the traditional Celts organized these monumental stones into a hoop with out utilizing building tools? Or was one thing extra mysterious behind Stonehenge’s building? In response to some theories, the stone circle was constructed by aliens. Others suppose England’s most well-known magician, Merlin, constructed the mysterious monument. Our suggestion? Resolve for your self once you visit in individual. 

Discover an important castles in Romania on a 12-hour tour of Bran Fortress from Bucharest.

Reality or fiction: what’s the true story behind Dracula?

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” could also be one of many world’s most well-known works of fiction. However is that this fiction based mostly actually? It appears so. Transylvania’s Castle Bran is broadly believed to be the inspiration for Dracula’s citadel. What’s extra, the citadel’s proprietor Vlad the Impaler could be the inspiration for Dracula. In response to native folklore, Vlad was a real-life vampire. Pack your digital camera once you visit this insta-worthy Romanian citadel. And maybe pack some garlic, too…

Loch Ness
Attempt your luck at recognizing Nessie on a visit to Loch Ness.

What mysterious monster lurks in Loch Ness?

It could be the whisky speaking however, for the reason that 12 months 565, guests to Scotland’s Loch Ness have reported sighting a mysterious creature underneath the lake’s pristine waters. Need to resolve the Loch Ness thriller? Seize your binoculars and head to the Scottish Highlands. Even for those who don’t spot Nessie herself, you’ll fall in love with Scotland’s rugged magnificence. 

Easter Islands
Be blown away by the Moai statues on Easter Island.

What’s the head-scratching story behind Easter Island’s statues?

Within the Southern Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Chile, lies Easter Island. The island is legendary for its Moai — big head-shaped statues. And once we say big, we actually imply big. On common, the heads are 13 toes tall and weigh 14 tons. Why have been they constructed? And why do all of them face away from the ocean? Get a head-start on fixing the thriller once you visit the distant island for your self.

Terracotta Warriors
Uncover the superb historical past behind the Terracotta Military and step on prime of the Xi’an Historic Metropolis Wall.

What are Xi’an’s fearsome terracotta warriors guarding?

It’s truly no secret what Xi’an’s well-known military of terracotta warriors are guarding. They have been organized across the tomb of China’s first emperor, Quin Shi Huang, to protect him within the afterlife. What we don’t know is what lies contained in the tomb that these 8,000 stone troopers are guarding. The emperor’s tomb has by no means been opened. And, if rumors that it’s booby-trapped with lots of of poison arrows are true, maybe that’s an excellent factor! Should you’re touring in China, don’t miss the breathtaking terracotta military. Simply be careful for poison arrows!

Take pleasure in an incredible day exploring the Nazca area from land, sea, and sky.

Who (or what) is behind the Peruvian desert’s Nazca Strains?

The Nazca Lines are historical geoglyphs carved into Peru’s Nazca desert. What are geoglyphs precisely? They’re large symbols carved into the earth. So large, actually, that they’ll solely correctly be seen from the air. Nobody is aware of who carved the Nazca strains. Maybe it was the Nazca individuals. Maybe, as some alien followers imagine, the reason lies out of this world. One factor we do know for positive: the Nazca strains are referred to as the eighth surprise of the world for a purpose. Make a journey to vibrant Peru and check them out for your self!




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