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Come on down to Copenhagen, where you can visit the third-oldest operating amusement park in the world. Full of magic, Tivoli Gardens has something for everyone: little kids, big kids — heck, even grown-up, fully-functioning adult kids. Skip the entrance line and get straight into the fun of the fair.

The Rutschebanen

One of the world’s oldest wooden rollercoasters, the Rutschebanen (or Bjergbanen, meaning Mountain Coaster, as some people call it), is 720m long and dates back to 1914. Powered just by gravity, you can rally round the rails at up to 50km per hour. Hop on this one even just for its history.

The Flying Trunk

Teens laughing on a ride on the Flying Trunk - Copenhagen, Denmark

For those of you who prefer a gentler journey, The Flying Trunk has a leisurely pace. Immerse yourself in the fairytale world of Hans Christian Andersen, one of Denmark’s most famous sons. With new scenography, lighting and music, this attraction brings to life 32 childhood favorites. Who can spot them all?


A couple laughing in an amusement park - Copenhagen, Denmark

This is one for all the family, being the first Condor second-generation hybrid in the world. What does that mean? It’s a 3-in-1 ride. 45 meters tall, the higher you go, the more extreme it gets. At the bottom, bumper cars for little children. In the middle, a gentle gondola ride means you can enjoy the view. At the top? This one’s for the thrill seekers. A floorless ring will sling you back and forth to a 2.5 G-force. Nice.

The Demon

The Demon rollercoaster next to the Asian style building and boats - Copenhagen, Denmark

With three amazing loops and a peak of 28 meters, this ride’s a scream. The devilishly-thrilling Immelmann loop will twist you fighter-pilot-style, while the zero-gravity stall leaves you weightless. Amidst the shrieks, make sure you smile — they take your picture on this one.

The Vintage Cars

A child smiling inside a red vintage car - Copenhagen, Denmark

If fast rides drive you crazy, what about driving Miss Daisy? Kids will love jumping behind the wheel of these classic cars and showing off their skills. Look, Mom, no hands? Doesn’t matter, there’s no petrol. Even little ones under 3 can join in the fun if accompanied.

The Star Flyer

People laughing while flying in a tall swing carousel - Copenhagen, Denmark

This 80m high-view attraction will spin you into the universe. As one of the tallest swing carousels in Northern Europe, you’ll feel like you’re flying. Look out for planets! At night-time the Flyer is illuminated: entertainment for Earthling eyes.


Girls having fun in the Aquila ride on a sunny day - Copenhagen, Denmark

High on the wings of an eagle, the Aquila ride will swing and spin you up to the stars. With 4G centrifugal forces, it’s bound to ruffle a few feathers. Ah quit squawking, you’ll love it. Fly upside down at 11 meters and watch the world go by… if you dare.

Tivoli Aquarium

Kid mesmerized by striped fish in the Tivoli Aquarium - Copenhagen, Denmark

If you don’t fancy flying high, what about an underwater world? The Tivoli Aquarium hosts over 100 different species in its coral reef. Sharks, rays, eels, and colorful reef fish reside in the 30m-long tropical tank. The kids’ll bite your hand off to see the piranhas. Or if you’re inclined to a tentacle spectacle, the octopi are housed in a smaller aquarium next door. Fish are fed at 1pm daily — find out more about them and their habitat.

The main beauty of Tivoli Gardens is that it holds fun for all the family. Whether it’s the high-octane rides, exciting attractions, or just the grounds themselves — there’s lots to explore. Peaceful places such as The Orangery and The Parterre Gardens are full of cherry-blossom trees and water basins. Or wander down The Alley, an old Danish market town full of nostalgia. Make sure you check the entertainment program before you go: music, pantomimes, and shows are often included in the cost of your ticket.

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